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Summer Leadership Program

"High School Students Looking to Jump Ahead in Business"

Living Like An Executive Leader

When students learn how to live like an executive leader, they learn how to be happier, healthier, and more efficient in all that they do. In this program, students will learn a research-driven executive leadership model based on natural laws of success. This method has been tested on over 1,900 case studies valued at $6.8 billion. Students who complete this program, will have a one of a kind education experience that will put them years ahead of their peers.

Teaching Management & Leadership

This program helps students cultivate daily habits that will make them more successful personally and professionally. All students who complete the 20-hour course will receive an Executive Leadership Certification at graduation. Graduates will be welcomed into an elite leadership network where they can arrange 1 on 1 meetings with industry professionals for up to 12 months after completing the course.


"Unlike any other leadership program in high school. I learned that things don't need to be complicated in order for them to be worth learning. This has helped me learn better in my senior year. I can now break things down and simplify them in order to learn. I can see how I will attain the goals in my life. The Leadership Society of Arizona will honestly teach you the skills that are necessary for you to grow and be a successful person."

– Suzanne B., Former Enrolled Student

Program Course Details

When- Date/Time Details

Date: June 4th - 8th, 2018

Time: 9am - 3pm (Lunch will be Provided)

Where - Program Location

MSS Business Transformation Advisory Corporate Office

7250 N. 16th St., Ste 310

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Who - Eligibility

Only 1 of these executive track programs are done a year. This will be limited to only 20 students for registration. This is to keep the (Business Expert/Student) ratio as low as possible. Students must be at least 14 years old. If space fills up, you may reserve your place for next year by emailing Team@LeadAZ.org

Executive Leadership Curriculum

1. Executive Leadership & Management - Simplified Industry best practice models

2. Six Natural Laws Of Success -

Learning how leaders live

3. Creating Your Life Plan -

Developing a vision for life

4. Understanding the Human Mind -

Learning how to think through life problems

5. Improving Relationships -

Truths about friendships & networking

6. Applied Leadership Today -

How to live the life of a leader right now


What Do Our Past Participants Say

"This is the second year my daughter attended the summer program. She has learned skills that I know she will use for the rest of her life. These techniques help her manage her stress and have empowered her to take control of her life. This program has been life changing for her and I'm so glad we found LSA!"

Stefanie P. 

Parent Of Student Attendee

“An unbelievable growing experience for my teenage son. His view point has completely changed and he has a new confidence in himself. The best money we have spent on any activity for him yet! We will definitely send our second child as soon as he's old enough”

Pamela T.

Parent of Student Attendee

“I am extremely pleased with my daughter's participation in this summer's LSA session. The instructors were effective in reviewing each concept in a way that allowed my daughter to apply key course concepts. I quickly saw a difference in her. Dr. Dean's keynote at the end ceremony had a positive impact on how I parent my daughters. Thank you LSA!”

Amy N.

Parent of Student Attendee

“This is the best summer program that I've ever been apart of. Most summer camps are just a way for kids to build there resume, but this was a truly life altering experience for me. Facts and Logic created the perfecct platform for me to not only learn the concepts but to buy into them. Instructors are genuine people who care about students lives. Highly recommended, the greatest leadership program available for young adults.”

Connor K.

Student of the Program

“LSA made me realize the flaws of my mindset that I have kept throughout my entire life span. It made me observe and understand those around me more clearly and see the qualities that assist or hurt one another. The metaphysical topics discussed made me wonder about the world as a whole. It opened my eyes to a whole new type of mindset. A mindset that I believe will surely benefit me as I move forward.”

Charles E.

Student of the Program

“This course was amazing!!! I learned how I can make my life so much easier and successful in my daily life. I have so much less stress, and I am finding that I have more drive to accomplish my short term and long term goals. I feel like I learned how to be a better person to myself and to others.”

Catherine J.

Student of the Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement?

This Summer Program is open to all students in high school students who will be enrolled in 9-12 grade (Therefore students going into 9th grade can attend).

What is the deadline to enroll?

There are no deadlines for this programs However there is a limit. There is only one Executive Leadership Program per year, so when the limit is reached, registration will close for that session. Student should try to sign up as soon as possible in order to secure a slot in our summer program.

Is there any way to learn more about the program methodology?

Yes, each semester there will be new opportunities to participate in events. Be sure to subscribe for updates on these opportunities! You can visit our website (Leadaz.org) for more information. For any additional questions feel free to contact Jake Gunnoe at Jake.g@leadaz.org

Does my child have to attend the full program?

No, students can come to whatever portion of the program they want. We recommend students to attend the full program in order to gain the full experience and knowledge.